What will be the price of EV?

MG ZS EV – India’s First Pure Electric Internet SUV starts at ₹20,88,000* (Excite) & ₹23,58,000* (Exclusive)

When will deliveries of the MG ZS EV begin to customers?

Deliveries for MG ZS EV have already commenced.

What will be the Booking Amount?

The booking amount for MG ZS EV is Rs. 50,000/-

What will be mileage for MG ZS EV?

340 KMS in single charge.

Test drive is available for MG ZS EV?

Test Drive is available for 5 cities. Book a test drive now -

How much C02 will I save by driving EV for an hour?

120gram of CO2 /KM

What all will be part of standard equipment of ZS EV?

Along with the Car, there will come 1 on board charging cable. Apart from this, one 7.4 KW AC Home charger that will be installed by MGI through authorized dealer as per customer’s request.

What is Home Charger?

It is a type 2 charger (AC fast charger), which can be installed at home/office. This charger uses 7.4 KW to charge the ZS EV.

Do I need to install the Home charger myself?

Home charger installation is a specialized job & has specific technical requirements. MGI will provide installation support through authorized partner to customers on FOC basis (Cost will be borne by MGI)

What type of battery is installed in EV?

44.5 KWh NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) battery.

What is the Life of ZS EV battery?

The ZS EV has a hi-density battery and uses latest technology, hence it has the same life span as that of the car.
It can further be extended based on usage of second battery, the prospect of which is evolving fast.

What is the distance one can cover in a single charge?

The range of ZS EV as certified by Test agency is around 340 kms. It however depends on actual driving conditions. In worst case, it can be 250 kms and in best case 400 kms. (The Maximum Range displayed on car’s MID will be 320 Kms for a fully charged battery)

What will happen to the used / old Battery?

Lots of work happening here, a good commercial solution is expected in India in next few years. Possible usage of the old battery can be in transmission towers, for power storage and urban mining (recovery of raw material through recycling). MG too is working with its partners on this aspect in India.

What will be the resale value of EV?

Thanks to the new-gen high range NMC battery like in the ZS EV the resale price will be similar to the resales value of a car running on an IC engine.

Is there any way to improve battery life?

Home charging offers best battery life. It is recommended that after every 3-4 fast charging cycles using public fast chargers (DC), battery should be charged using a home charger to optimize battery life.

Does weight and dimension impact the range?

Range is not only impacted by weight and dimensions, but it is a product of overall drive pattern and external conditions.

Do I get benefit of depreciation if I buy an EV?

Yes, depreciation on an EV will be very similar to a car running on IC engine. (to be confirmed)

Do I get any Tax benefit if I buy an EV?

Yes, there is a benefit through income tax exemption of Rs. 1.5 lacs paid as interest on loan taken to purchase an EV

What is the effectiveness of PM 2.5 Filter available in ZS EV?

The PM 2.5 AC air filter can reduce PM content from Hazardous (PM 2.5 level: >675) to healthy & breathable (PM 2.5 level: 60~31) in just 3 minutes and to a very good level (0~30) in just 5 minutes

What is the weight of the ZS EV battery pack?

Battery pack weighs 280 Kgs

How much does it cost to charge ZS EV?

It will be < Re. 1 per km while it is Rs. 7 per km for petrol and Rs. 5.50 per km for diesel.

What will be Charging Cost of EV?

The tariff applicable for domestic consumption shall be applicable for home charging. Tariff for charging an EV at public charging stations shall be between Rs. 10 to Rs.18 per unit as determined by the Charge Point Operators of public charging stations.

What will be the cost of periodic maintenance?

Maintenance cost of EV is about 30% lower than that of a car running on IC Petrol engine.

What components will be replaced during periodic maintenance?

AC Filter, battery Coolant, brake Fluid and transmission fluid require to be replaced during periodic maintenance. Parts that undergo wear and tear like wiper blades, brake shoes, etc. will have to be changed as per usage.

How much does it cost to replace the battery pack?

It has been observed that in last 5 years, cost of battery has come down to 1/4th ; we expect it will go further down in years to come, it will eventually become similar to the cost of an IC engine overhaul that costs approximately Rs.3 lac.

Is the Battery pack replicable or repairable?

At present the battery pack can only be replaced. However, work is under way to enable possible repairing of the battery in future.

What is maintenance schedule of EV?

It is similar to an IC engine (10,000 KMs or 12 months)

What would happen if the car enters a waterlogged area?

Being an IP67 tested & compliant battery, the ZS EV can safely remain submerged in water up to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes at a stretch.

Would you lease battery separately?

Not at present, but we will be exploring this in due course of time (In next 1-2 years).

Is the AC home charger to be installed through a third party by customer?

No, MG has onboarded eChargeBays, a company that has expertise in Electric Vehicle [EV] charging processes to enable & provide the home charging infrastructure for ZS EV customers.

Who trains the customer on usage of AC home charger?

Training will be provided in the showroom at the time of EV delivery. If required, the EVSE supplier can also explain to the dealer on how to use the charger. Thereafter, customer needs to contact the EVSE supplier for support required in future.

Can the home charger be bought from open market / directly from EVSE?

It is not required as the AC charger is provided by MGI along with the car, it is tested and approved for use in ZS EV. It must be noted that a locally available charger may damage the on-board charger / battery of the car resulting in greater damage to the systems of the ZS EV.

Can the home charger be bought from open market / directly from EVSE?

It is not required as the AC charger is provided by MGI along with the car, it is tested and approved for use in ZS EV. It must be noted that a locally available charger may damage the on-board charger / battery of the car resulting in greater damage to the systems of the ZS EV.

Can the customer share the home charger with someone else?

Yes, the customer is free to allow anyone known to use the charger (for same model vehicle i.e. ZS EV).

Can the customer use local / app-based service provider’s electrician to install the charger?

Use of an outside electrician for installing the home charging station is not recommended. Home Charger installation is a specialized task and requires professional support.

What is the electricity tariff charged for charging EV at home?

Tariff varies for each state and DISCOM. For more information one must check respective DISCOM’s policy.

Can the ZS EV be charged every day like mobile phone?

Yes, there is no issue in charging the ZS EV daily.

What precautions to take while using home charger?

The charger operates on a high current (32 amps) and voltage. It should be ensured that all instructions mentioned in the booklet that comes with home charger and ZS EV’s owner’s manual are followed.

What if a customer experiences shock while using the charger?

Switch off the MCB of charger or supply panel and report the matter to the EVSE supplier immediately. Discontinue use of charger till issue is resolved

Can charging gun be removed while the car is getting charged resulting in an electrical shock?

No, as the gun gets locked within the charging socket and it cannot be pulled out unless the charging is stopped by manual intervention or if the electricity supply goes.

What is the warranty of ZS EV?

The MG ZS EV has - the "MG e-Shield". It provides 5-year manufacturer warranty for unlimited kilometres on the car for private vehicle owners.
It also includes round-the-clock roadside assistance (RSA) for a period of 5 years and no labour charges for the first 5 scheduled vehicle services.

What is the warranty on battery?

The warranty on battery is 8 years / 150,000 Kms

What is the MG’S RSA Package?

5 Years

It has been mentioned special pricing for first 1000 customers. How would I came know to know about my number?

For first 1000 customers who booked till 17th Jan Midnight, the pricing for MG ZS EV is ₹ 19,88,000* (Excite) & ₹ 22,58,000* (Exclusive)

What about Safety of Passengers as it is an Electric vehicle?

Passenger safety is integral to ZS EV. It offers the following features:


  • Battery is encased by a fire-retardant material. The battery pack is scratch resistant, anti-deep pit, anti-splash. It meets IP-67 standards which makes it completely water & dust proof.
  • Complying with UL 2580 Battery safety standards, the battery of ZS EV is tested on 8 critical safety parameters - Short Circuit, Dust, Extrusion, Smoke, Soaks, Fire, Collision & Fall.
  • The ground-fault monitoring system detects current leakage and disconnects high voltage supply from rechargeable energy storage system.

What will be registration / road tax charges in 5 cities where EV is being launched and how is it pitted against ICE in terms of savings?


RTO Approval City





on Ex-showroom


On Ex-showroom


Ex- showroom





4% (5%)
7% (8.75%)
10% (12.5%)

5% (6.25%)
8.75% (10.94%)
12.5% (15.63%)


≤ ₹6 Lac
₹6~₹10 Lac
> ₹10 Lac
+4000 Municipal Tax
Individual (Corporate)



12% / 6%


6% (12%)

6% (12%)

+2% Municipality Tax
Individual (Corporate)







≤ ₹6 Lac
₹6~₹20 Lac
> ₹20 Lac




₹ 2550 documentation charges



≤ ₹5 Lac
₹5~₹10 Lac
₹10~₹20 Lac
> ₹20 Lac







≤ ₹10 Lac
> ₹10 Lac




₹ 10000 registration fees




≤ ₹10 Lac
₹10~₹20 Lac
> ₹20 Lac
+2% of Road Tax(Road Safety)

Uttar Pradesh




- UP EV Manufacturing & Mobility Policy 2019** [Aug 2019]
- Other EV's



≤ ₹10 Lac
> ₹10 Lac

* Additional: If car bought in Company Name or bought by any Ltd or Pvt Ltd company, Regn slabs are double the slabs above. 

** First 1,00,000 buyers of Private EVs manufactured within the State of Uttar Pradesh over the period of this policy [Pt. no. 7.1 in 2019 EV policy]

Is there a technology by which the ZS EV optimizes battery usage / performance? How and what is the impact / use?

The ZS EV uses KERS (Kinetic Energy Regeneration System) that converts kinetic energy generated during deceleration or under braking to electrical energy. The recovered energy is used to charge the EV’s battery.


Three KERS modes are available in ZS EV:


  • Heavy Level: 

                        Maximum energy is regenerated 
                        It has slackening effect on acceleration
                        This mode is suitable for downhill driving

  •  Moderate Level: 

                        Moderate energy is regenerated

                        Moderate effect on acceleration

                        This mode is suitable for city driving situation

  • Light Level: 

                        Minimum energy is regenerated. 

                        Minimal effect on vehicle acceleration

                        This mode is suitable for Highways

EVs are known to be linear on performance and non-exciting. Is there something different that the ZS EV offers to a driver? If yes, how does it impact vehicle performance?

Yes, the ZS EV sure makes driving exciting. There are 3 drive modes built into the ZS EV:


  • Eco Mode

                This mode optimizes energy consumption

                Provides best range to the vehicle

                Urban steering - Frequent steering comfortable

  • Normal Mode    

                This mode combines economy and performance

                Steering remains normal

  • Sport Mode

                This mode provides more power to enhance vehicle performance.

                Dynamic steering –more responsive but slightly heavier than Eco/Normal mode


Note: In Eco Mode, A/C will operate in low energy consumption state to provide increase in vehicle power.

When the ZS EV is started, will the last selected modes be in effect?

Whenever the ZS EV is started the Drive Mode will get set to Normal, KERS will get set to Level 3. This default setting helps to:


                i) Get a longer range


                ii) Get better AC conditioner performance

How long does it take to charge ZS EV?


Public Charging

Home Charging

Anywhere Charging

Emergency Charging

Type of Charger

50kW DC Fast Charger

7.4 KW Home Charger

13 Amp On board charging Cable

Mobile Van Charging

Time taken to charge*

80% in 50 mins.

100% in 6-8 hours

100% in 16-18 hours

30 min of charging provides 5KWs of charge to battery (Good enough for a range of 25-30 kms)

60 mins of Charging Results in

80~90% Battery

(Appox 280 kms)

>12% battery

(Appox 45~50 kms)

>7% battery

(Appox 18~20 kms)

*V. Important: Time taken to charge depends on - SOC (State of Charge of battery) and Ambient Temperature (Surrounding Temperature)


Where do I Charge ZS EV?

We are offering 5 level charging facility to our customers: -


Public Charging

(DC Superfast Chg)

Home Charging

(AC Fast Chg)

Anywhere Charging

(On board Cable)

Emergency Charging


Charging at Select Routes

(AC Fast Chg)


Where to charge

Available at select MG dealers in 5 cities & public charging stations installed by govt agencies / private operators on major highways & cities.

7.4 KW Home charger is provided along with ZS EV & Installed by MG through its partner

Using an on-board charging Cable & 15 Amp AC socket. The ZS EV can be charged anywhere

MG will offer emergency Mobile Van Charging Support on request

MG offers charging facility at MG dealerships on key routes in satellite cities (where EV is not even sold)


What is the tariff structure for FORTUM Charge & Drive?

Prices vary from city to city due to ‘cost of power’ at each location. Tariffs are as under:


Price per minute of charging

(Excluding GST) (Rs.)
















Important Point to note here are:

  • In addition to the ‘per minute charging fee’, all the locations will have a fixed starting fee of Rs. 41.5/-
  • GST rate of 18% as per current regulations; both for charging and for starting fee.
  • These prices shall be shown on Fortum Charge & Drive India App as well.
  • The fixed starting fee is per ‘charging session’ basis and will get initiated at the time of connection of the vehicle and would remain valid for the entire charging session. This is irrespective of the duration of the charging.
  • Charges per minute concept is in line with Fortum global practice.

What is the process for installation of AC home charger?


I. MGI dealer will share customer contact details with eChargeBays.

II. Post appointment, a detailed site survey will be carried out by eChargeBays in order to understand aspects like: type of residence, parking, distance etc.

III. The customer will be informed about additional electricity load if any required from DISCOM

IV. In case additional load is required then the customer will have to apply for the same with the concerned DISCOM and make payments for the same to the DISCOM directly as per the approved DISCOM process 

V. Survey form is explained to the customer for acceptance and approval. eChargeBays will inform dealer about the completion of survey process. 

VI. Basis customer’s agreement to initiate process and information on availability of enhanced electricity load, dealer issues AC Charger to the customer.

VII. eChargeBays executes the pre-installation process (wiring/cabling, civil/electrical work etc) through its installation partner.

VIII. EVSE (Electric Vehicle Service Equipment i.e the company that supplies the AC Charger) installs the Charger, explains the Do’s/Don’ts to customer and the process is completed. 

IX. Once the charger is installed, the dealership starts preparing for delivering the car to the customer.

How Much time will it take for AC home charger installation?

This may take between 1 to 4 weeks depending upon customer’s sanctioned electricity load:


I. The home charger requires 7.4 KW load to operate, therefore sanctioning of additional load if need be from DISCOM may take around 2-4 weeks-time. 

II. Post the above-mentioned steps for surveying, installation work etc, installation & commissioning requires 2-3 visits that spans of 7-10 days. However, if required load is available step 1 mentioned above gets omitted.

What is the cost of home charger installation?

No payment is required for installation of the Charger as it is provided by MGI. However please note:


I. DISCOM related costs for enhancement of load or additional connection / additional meter are to be borne by customer and also the customer has to apply to the DISCOM for the additional load

II. Civil work not covered under scope of installation and as specified during survey is also to be paid for by the customer.

What is the scope of work (SOW) of eChargeBays and EVSE supplier?

Respective SOW is as under:

  1. eChargeBays:
    1. Survey of site to assess feasibility, assessment of entire work involved in the installation, electrical/civil work to ready the site
    2. Guide and assist customer to get load enhancement from the DISCOM.
    3. Supply, routing, laying & fixing of input power & earthing cables from input panel to EV, input breaker, earthing pit, earthing cable strips & material, SS Stand for mounting of charger in case wall mounting is not feasible
  2. EVSE supplier:
    1. Supply & Installation of EV charger
    2. Lifting & moving of the charger to the desired location at the site
    3. Installation & commissioning of the charger
    4. Training / retraining of the customer on how to use the charger

What is not covered under SOW of eChargeBays (what is not covered in the price being recovered from the customer for the car purchase)?

Aspects not covered under SOW are as under:

  1. Laying of wires underground involving breaking the floor / road / pavement etc •
  2. Scaffolding work
  3. Breaking of walls, roads en-route charger installation area
  4. Use of Cutter to make way through wall(s) and under laying of cables
  5. Shed required to cover the charger or box for safeguarding
  6. Separate electric meter, electricity load enhancement related work if required

Customer will have to get this work done on payment basis if desired. Information will be shared in advance during the survey by eChargeBays. 

What is the total cost of ownership of MG ZS EV?

ZS EV running cost is as low as Re 1 per km. This included the maintenance cost and an approx. electricity charge. Additionally, MG e-Shield offers 5555:


5 years vehicle warranty and 8 years or 150 thousand kilometers warranty

5 years RSA

5 labor free Services

5 step charging network 

What kind of network expansion is the company looking networks coming years?

We are offering 5 step charging networks.

  • Charging Cable
  • Home charging
  • DC Fast Charging
  • Charging on go
  • At dealership location select cities & key routes

What is MG Shield on MG ZS EV?

MG e-Shield offers 5555


5 years vehicle warranty and 8 yr or 150 thousand kilometers warranty

5 years RSA

5 labor free Services

5 step charging network – On

What is the running cost of ZS EV?

ZS EV running cost is as low as Re 1 per km. This included the maintenance cost and an approx. electricity charge.


What do you mean by FOTA?

FOTA stands for Firmware Over-The-Air. Owners of the MG Hector will be able to receive real time updates like new features, entertainment content and bug fixes to improve user experience from time to time without having to visit the dealership. 

What will be benefits of FOTA Update?

One of the biggest advantages of connected car mobility is the ease of updating software, feature enhancements through OTA without visiting a dealership. FOTA updates are robust, reliable and provide easy access to upgrades. 

What will be the duration of download and update?

The FOTA downloading & installation will take approximately 30 mins however as it is happening via internet so it will be depending on network strength, fluctuation, network load, file size etc.

What will be impact on other applications while doing a download?

You can use all application while DOWNLOADING however it will impact the downloading time and experience of other applications due to internet speed. For faster download we recommend not to use other applications. 

How will I know that software is updated?

Post completion of the update, the system will auto-generate a success message on the screen.

While software is getting updated, it is necessary that engine must be on?

It is required to keep the engine in start position while the update is in progress. 

Why auto download is not possible?

Auto-download can impact the experience of other applications which would be in use at that point. Hence, customers are given control to download the updates as per their convenience.  

What will be the steps to start the process?

Please follow these steps to install the updates:

Go to settings -> Upgrade -> Update

Will I get the notifications for software update.

The update will be rolled out to the customers in a phased manner . Customers will receive an SMS notification & E-mail once the new updates are available for their system .

What will happen if engine is stopped or update is interrupted?

In case the download is interrupted

If the engine is stopped while the download is in process, the user will have to resume the same by clicking on the “update” tab under settings.  In case the download is interrupted because of network issues, the system will resume download on its own.

In case installation is interrupted

Post the download, the updates cannot be interrupted manually by the user. Even if the Ignition is switched off, the updates will continue to run in the background.

What will happen if I will enter in a no network zone?

In a bad/ no network zone, the download process will pause and will resume automatically once there is proper network. The download progress will not be impacted and will resume from the last point of update.

During installation, network strength variation will not impact the installation progress.

What happens in case the software installation is stuck and does not auto resume?

This is a highly unlikely scenario as the software installation is thoroughly tested before it is released to the customer. However, in case if such a situation arises, The customer should contact/visit the nearest dealer.