MG gears up for Taal Season 2, launches National Talent Hunt for Indie Music Artists

Gurugram, August 22, 2022: MG Motor India today announced the launch of Season 2 of MG Taal entitled ‘Naya Safar, Nayi Taal’, a unique National Talent Hunt for Indie music artists. A bold step for budding and innovative artists, Season 2 of Taal will focus on showcasing promising talent through a far-reaching platform. A talent search pulsing across the nation, this event will help shine the spotlight of fame on unique and deserving Indie artists no matter where they are!

In collaboration with Songdew, MG Taal Season 2 aims to help emerging Indie artists with its platform’s wide reach and expertise in music. This will help amplify the artists’ music across platforms and media—be it radio, TV, or digital channels. Career guidance will also be offered to the shortlisted talent. MG will also encourage and support winners by not only providing them with a platform to perform at MGverse customer events but also by assisting them in creating NFTs. MG Taal Season 2 will be a 1-year program where the top two winning artists will get extensive Exposure, deserving Eminence, fruitful Engagement, and vital Experience—the four fundamental pillars of MG Taal.

Participating in this Naya Safar, Nayi Taal frenzy is simple. If you are an artist with loads of talent, just head to and post your content there.

Gaurav Gupta, Chief Commercial Officer – MG Motor India, said, “We are excited to connect with the Indie Music community through Taal Season 2. At MG, we are passionate about music. We see it as a common bond between our extended community and our brand. We are confident that in this brand-new season, our talent search will lend both a supportive hand as well as an encouraging boost to promising artists. We hope they continue making memorable music and provide unending joy and delight to audiences everywhere.”

Sunil Khanna, founder of Songdew mentioned that “At Songdew, we have built a family of 55K Indian artists and bands who leverage our services to promote, distribute, and monetize their music. We believe that the future of music in India is bright, and we have been collaborating with various stakeholders to accelerate this trend. In the last 18 months or so, there has been significant popularity and traction for indie music, which is growing at an unprecedented rate. Hence, MG Taal Season 2 could not have come at a better time. We are excited to be working with MG on this initiative and look forward to playing a significant role in bringing the music of the selected artists to music fans.”

Using music to deliver exciting experiences to its customers, MG Motor has developed an entire architecture around music, including the Sonic Identity of the brand, the brand-aligned music at its showrooms, and its brand anthem.

In Season 1, MG worked with 2 phenomenal acts - A World/ Fusion ensemble with breathtaking compositions from Surat - The Tapi Project, and a multi-genre act from Pune with magical lyricism – Fiddlecraft. The resulting music videos garnered over one million views and over 500 user-generated videos. The brand looks forward to a more exciting time in MG Taal’s Second Edition.


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